Thursday, April 23, 2015

Staging your home to sell

Staging Your Home To Sell

Home staging is more than cleaning and decluttering your home.  Home staging is creating an illusion.  A home can be staged by doing such things as  repositioning  the furniture to  make a room appear larger,adding  additional lighting to give the appearance of  a brighter room and of course making it feel warm and cozy by adding a pop of color.   It is about dressing up your house for sale kinda like getting dress for a fancy party.

Many sellers in the market today do not wish or want to spend any money on home staging. However, I think it is a must.  As a Realtor I think we owe it to our clients to help them through this process so that they can see the benefits.

Staging can be done with items you already have in the home.  The thing with staging is making old things look new again but placed differently and adding a little pizzaz.  Know that proper staging to a home is critical in today's market.

When potential buyers enter a home and you want to capture them immediately.  If the home has been staged it gives them a sense that this home has been well maintained and the sellers really care.  It's about presenting it right the first time. You only get one chance to wow them at the front door.  Why not invest the time, you will be glad you did.

Some benefits to staging your home: 17% higher sale price and in 11 days or less in 95% of staged homes according to  the ASP(Accredited Staging Professionals). 93% of staged homes sell in less than one month.  They sell 30-50% faster. However,these are just a few of the benefits to staging.  In today's market one may need to invest in home staging in order to get the most dollar for their home.

When the home is staged and depersonalized a buyer walking through the doors can see themselves living in the space.  After all that's what you are trying to capture.  

If you are planning to sell your home consider staging  because it will set you apart from other homes on the market.  It is worth the investment.

Staging is Appealing to potential home buyers!!

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