Sunday, April 26, 2015

Welcome to Homeownership!!! Where's my Tool box?

Welcome to Homeownership!!!!

The process of owning a home is both exciting and a little scary. But know that owning a home has benefits. One of the main benefits is being able to write off the taxes on your income tax.  Yeah!! Now that is good news. That's what I call a bonus.

The difference between being a homeowner and a renter is that  a renter makes a call to the landlord for repairs.  But as a homeowner  you are your own landlord and the ownest is on you.

Don't get me wrong owning a home is rewarding and beautiful. This is where memories will be created like your children parties, sleepovers, dinner parties and so forth.

But we know that owning a home comes with upkeep, repairs, lawn work, and oh so much more.

Some common repairs that most of us can fix without having to call a professional to do are things like replacing a valve on a toilet, tightening a leaky faucet, replacing or putting up a ceiling fan, repairing drywall (done this many of times with 3 boys), replacing a light switch.  Most of these repairs are not costly. If you are handy then these repairs will seem like a piece of cake. On the other hand if you are not so handy then hiring a professional might be the way to go.

Here is a video for repairing a drywall from Lowe's, my favorite store. Because if you have kids this is inevitable and you will find yourself doing this repair many times.

Homeownership is something to be proud of and many of us strive to get this American dream everyday. 

Happy Homeownership!!

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